The Green Door Store, Brighton – 5th November 2013

"I'd just like to say that we are not fireworks. Or Savages." Money vocalist Jamie Lee decides to have an inpromptu conversation with the forty punters in the Green Door Store before his band takes to the stage, and he half hits the nail on the head. The lightness of numbers is probably not due to the local indie kids celebrating the demise of a certain Mr Fawkes, but more down to the fact that the Mercury-nominated Savages are playing their biggest Brighton gig to date, selling out the largest of the city's medium-sized venues on the seafront at the Concorde II. You can't blame anyone for wanting to see the band who played a large part in starting the recent glorious revival, but we could not miss the opportunity to capture one of its more intriguing offspring. And catch up with Savages the following week in London. Further discussion between Lee and the audience reveals that pretty much everybody there has had a similar idea with the singer enquiring, "Does anyone have any more encouraging news for us?" Left disappointed, he is urged to get things moving and steps on to the stage to sing unaccompanied, demonstrating not only his simply glorious voice, but nerves of iron as he fails to miss a note.

Finally joined by his bandmates, Money begin with the stunning 'So Long (God Is Dead)', the opening track of their truly excellent debut album, The Shadow Of Heaven, Lee immediately embracing his soaring falsetto and we wonder how long it has been since we had heard a new band offering something so breathtakingly uplifting and beautiful. With bassist Scott Beaman and drummer Billy Byron adding measured decoration, Money's music is built around Lee's sublime vocals and Charlie Cocksedge's transcendent guitar playing. It's an almost cleansing experience as the waves of delicately structured sound wash over you and leave you craving for more. The set is not a long one and not all of the album is attempted ('Goodnight London' is left well alone), but 'Bluebell Fields', 'Who's Going To Love You Now' and 'Hold Me Forever' are elegantly thrilling. It really is fine work, though whether Lee is happy is a different matter. He touches on Savages more than once and punctuates the songs with sardonic laughter before leaping off the stage at the set's conclusion and heading for the door.

The rest of the band seem pleased with the night's efforts as they make their way to the merchandise stall for a chat with the punters and well they should be. Money are not an ordinary band making ordinary music; they are something quite extraordinary and if the world does not fall at their feet, we can only assume it is broken beyond repair. There are no doubts in our minds that we have made the correct choice tonight, so if Money turn up in your neighbourhood don't miss out for love nor .... well, you know what we mean.


Words Adam, Photos Gary

Charlie Cocksedge

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